Here are some links to some other sites about zombies, girly stuff, and some miscellaneous crap we really like.

Of course #1 is our companion Facebook Page where we have a little too much fun


BRAINS magazine: BRAINS Magazine is the absolute in all things zombie, from primitive Survival to modern Comedy, an appreciation for the female anatomy with zombie centerfolds AND SO MUCH MORE! :

Zombie Apocalypse Academy: For some serious ZDay preparations

Zombie Eat People: &

Zombie Research Society:

Zombie Apocalypse Preparation:

Houston Zombie Defense – Not just for Texans:

Mister Cantankerous:

Zombie Knowledge: They “use the power of polls to find the best option to different zombie scenarios”.  How do your views hold up against the masses?

Guns & Gardens: How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse – For knowledge and laughs:

Wicked Zombies – for some wicked fun:

Don’t Get Bit:

Zombie Weapons and Tactics – to increase your weapons knowledge:

Zombie Safe Area:

My Zombie Apocalypse Chosen Few:


UDI – The best band in Detroit and one of the only US bands to be included in the Death Metal Bible:

Stiggys Dogs – Our favorite charity.  They rescue shelter dogs and train them to be service dogs for soldiers with PTSD and TBI:

Theatre Bizarre – The most amazing thing in the world ever:

Iron Fist Clothing:  WARNING: Only visit if you want to become obsessed with shoes or already are so it won’t make a difference. – For when you need a good laugh:

Billys Custom Gun Works – For super cool custom firearm engraving, paracord bracelets and slings, and more:

Prepper Chicks – Ladies hell bent on “prepping” for when the shit hits the fan:

  1. Joe says:

    Love your site! Be prepared!

    Just thought you might like to add this to your links, if you haven’t checked it out then you should. Each issue comes out on Magcloud and you can order the actual magazine or download it digitally.

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