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Apocalypse Party

Definition 1: A group of people that have agreed to plan and prepare for the apocalypse together and that will join forces to try and survive when TSHTF.

Definition 2: A gathering of candidates for the before mentioned definition to discuss planning and survival.  Gathering should include food, spirits, music, and maps.

Two key ingredients to surviving the zombie apocalypse are: preparedness and numbers.  That said, the more people you have in your group/party that are prepared for the ZPoc, the more likely you are to survive.

Well, what better way to get things started than to host an Apocalypse Party?

Step 1: Write out a list of who you are going to invite.

Remember, these are the people you want to survive the end of the world with and the people you trust to help prepare for it.

I would start small.  For your first party, invite your closest friends and family.  Once your core group is solidified you can discuss bringing more people in.

Step 2: Write out a list of prepping duties.

ie: weapon caches, ammo, medical supplies, dry goods, food preservation, navigation specialists, transportation, etc.

Step 3: Get a preliminary plan together.  The group can solidify things later but having a general idea of things puts you in the leader position and will make it easier on everyone else.

Have an idea of meeting spots.  Pick at least 3 for when the shit first hits the fan.

Figure out who should do what.  Think of individuals strong points; if someones skills are a bit ambiguous, put them in charge of stockpiling dry goods and/or supplies. People like having their skills acknowledged so when you put someone in charge of something you’ll help build a cohesive and confident group.

Step 4: Make it fun

The reason so many of us like to fantasize about the apocalypse is because it’s a break from the every day BS we’re all sick and tired of.  If you try and make your party all doom and gloom, no ones going to want to be part of your Apocalypse Party.  Yes, it’s serious business but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it.

Brew some zombie punch:

Make some brain cupcakes:

Send out some killer apocalypse style e-vites (make them yourself, save your $ for supplies):

Step 5: Keep a Record

Have a notebook handy during your party and write all your ideas down.  That zombie punch packs a wallop and you don’t want to forget anything!

Have maps handy and highlight any routes you and your group decide on.

Start an online group for your Apocalypse Party.  You can start a private Facebook group where everyone can discuss your plans in private or use Google + and Google Docs to keep track of your lists and stock piling.

If your Apocalypse Party is a success you’ll be well on your way to establishing your own Apocalypse Party (see the double entendre at work there?) and if TSHTF you and yours will be ready!


Stay safe sisters and brothers.