Rule #15 Life is Short, Savor It

Posted: March 11, 2013 in The Rules

84a082a3553442f9a1b54908d863250eWe don’t need hordes of hungry corpses to remind us that life is short and fleeting.  Unfortunately, it’s hard to forget how fragile life can be at times.  It’s one of life’s great travesties, that we are so often reminded of our own mortality, that it can be difficult to sit back and enjoy life for it’s simple and sweet moments.

I think the beasts of this world have a leg up on us, in this respect, as I hope that they think of little of death.  I hope that our furry friends don’t spend their days worrying about the ‘end of it all’ and that they go about their innocent lives worrying only about eating, sleeping, and procreating rather than concern themselves with the oncoming vehicles of death speeding toward them in the passing lane of existence.  We, on the other hand, seem to only have a few years respite from the dark contemplations of death before the knowledge that it can all be taken away at any second is granted us.

What I wouldn’t give to be ignorant of death!

And it’s not simply my own death that darkens my thoughts, no!  What truly terrifies me is the thought of living this life without those I love beside me.  What a horror, to be left alone in this cruel world, without the sympathetic smile of a loved one to get you through it all!

But should we let the knowledge of death impede our lives and rule our every decision?  FUCK NO!  We cannot allow death to rule us.  Yes, we will die.  Yes, those we love will die (just hopefully after us).  But as long as there is life in our veins we must cling to the simple beauties that surround us.  Savor the sunset and all it’s glorious splendor of colors!  Let the chorus of sunrise song birds fill your heart with hope for the coming day!  Allow yourself to find beauty in the simple greenery of a shaded bit of woods!  Smile when you hear children laughing!  Sing along to your favorite song!  Kiss your lover deeply!  Go have a drink with your best friend!  Do what makes you happy, even if it doesn’t make you any money (just do it on the side, like I do, and have a day job to support your bills and stuff).

I think so many of us zombie enthusiasts fantasize about a zombie apocalypse because we’re missing something in this life.  Whatever that “IT” is for you, identify IT and make IT go away.  Life is short and tomorrow you might not be here anymore.

Today, someone I had worked with for a little over a year passed away.  He had a massive heart attack at work and the doctors were not able to save him.  Over the weekend he had experienced pain in his shoulder and had complained of not feeling well.  His family had urged him to go to the doctor but he hadn’t.  Today he is gone.

RIP Karl – You always had my back and I’ll miss you.


  1. Sorry to hear about your coworker. Good reminder! – Miss E

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