Unlikely Female ZPoc Tool #2

Posted: May 6, 2012 in Femininity & Zombies

The Nail Clipper

I’m not saying only girls use them, that would be ridiculous, but we’re more likely to have some floating around in our purses, and theefore on us at all times. In a pinch, they can substitute for other tools until we can get our hands on something better.

You can use them for cutting small gauge wire, line, fabric, sutures, skin, and more.

Most are pretty tough and can be use to break glass.

If they come equipped with an affixed file with the little hook at the end (for cleaning under nails) then they can also serve as a weapon for close quarter combat. Just aim for the eyes and other exposed soft flesh such as the neck.

Other possible uses: makeshift screwdriver, scratching messages into hard surfaces, pliers, tweezers…

Have anymore uses? List them below.

  1. i like to use this handy tool to unlock doors

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