Rule #11: Aim for the Head

Posted: February 25, 2012 in The Rules
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Rule #11: Aim for the Head

Yeah, I recognize that this rule should have come a little sooner but frankly it kinda slipped my mind so, from here on out, we’re just gonna say that these rules are not in any particular order even though they are numbered.

That said, come the zombie apocalypse, when everyone is freaking out and trying to pretend that the monsters they are seeing are not zombies, remember this: AIM FOR THE HEAD.

If the horror genre has taught us anything it is: wooden stakes kill vampires, silver bullets kill werewolves, a psycho killer is never really dead the first time you think you killed him, and that to kill a zombie you must destroy it’s brain.  So, the first time a slavering corpse tries to treat you like a Big Mac, thump the fucker in the head and be done with it.  You have a better chance at surviving if you just go for the head right off the bat rather than testing if body shots will do the job.  No matter how tempting it may be to aim for the larger body target, you’ll only be wasting your time, ammunition, strength, and putting your life at risk.

A lot of people are going to be in complete denial when the outbreak starts.  Many will refuse to believe the reality that zombies do exist and that they are trying to eat you.  Those people will most likely put round after round into the torso of an approaching zombie and scream “WHY WON’T YOU DIE” as the clip empties and their gun becomes useless.  A moment of sheer terror will grip them as the realization of what is coming their way floods their consciousness.  Maybe they still have enough time to get away.  Maybe the monster is too close now and their questioning scream is delivered as the corpse digs its teeth into their neck.  Maybe the shock is too much and they pee themselves and passed out only to wake up while their small intestines are ripped from a hole clawed into their stomachs.  Alas, it all could have been avoided with one well placed head shot.

Maybe we’re wrong.  Maybe its not zombies that are trying to kill us or maybe you can kill a zombie by shooting it in the heart.  Who knows.  What do we know for sure?  A head shot is a pretty good guarantee of death to most living creatures.  So take a deep breath, steady your shot, and aim for the head people.




  1. Billy Walsh says:

    Billy Walsh only know how to kill one way. Head shots.

  2. Max Brooks in “How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse” – also describes how you have to aim for the head. Known fact, good to make sure everyone is aware. As above, you should probably decapitate serial killers too, before they decapitate you.

  3. Vic says:

    While I agree the head is a sure kill, there is a secondary thing to consider. damage to the spinal column will severe the ability for motor function in the rest of the body if the damage it severe enough. the head will still be alive and can still bite, so caution still needs to be observed. but as a secondary target of opportunity, it will slow the body down to the point of incapacitation.
    But like you pointed out, even several shots to the body, point center mass, might not hit the vitals of it and the walking corpse is going to be looking to add you to the ranks of the largest dead army there is.

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