Weapon of the Week: Riot Shotgun

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Firearms & Other Weaponry, Weapon of the Week
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Weapon of the Week: The Riot Shot Gun

Remington 870 – Mossberg 500 – Winchester 1200/1300

They’re names you know and love and chances are, if you don’t own one, you know someone who does.

Probably the most common firearm in the United States, they’re used by the military, law enforcement, outdoors men & women, and Joe Schmoe next door so he can protect whats his.  These are your everyday, run of the mill shotguns customized to kick some serious ass.  What makes a shotgun “tactical” and/or “riot”?  A shortened barrel and stock which makes them more maneuverable and easy to handle and therefore easier to get away from zombies while carrying and firing over your shoulder.

Planning for the zombie apocalypse?  Get yourself a shotgun (along with a few other things).  Yeah they’re loud and don’t hold too many rounds at a time but I’ll tell you something, I’d rather have a 9mm pointed at me than the bitch in the picture above.  If you load one of these pretty little girls full of buckshot and fire a round off, it’s like firing nine .32 caliber bullets at once.  So zombies and pillagers alike, beware of the bitch with one of these.

The reason I love these guns…I have horrible aim.  I really shouldn’t admit that and I’m working on getting better, but as of right now, I f#cking suck.  But with one of these badass bitches in my grasp, I’m just as deadly as the next gal.  What?  Your aim is just fine?  Try aiming at a moving object while you’re trying to run away.  Yeah, have fun with that.  Now, I’m not saying you don’t have to aim, of course you have to aim, you just don’t have to worry about it as much.

Summer Glau

If you’re going to be a sissy and complain about the kick these ladies deliver then you’re most likely going to get eaten by zombies anyways so you’re no use to us.  This is the gun most twelve year old boys cut their gums on and its what Grandpa has stashed under the bed, so if little Timmy and Grandpa Joe can handle em, we can too.

They take 12 gauge ammo which is hard NOT to find but if you need help locating some, first check your attic, then go to Walmart or any other superstore.

For easier transport, invest a few dollars in a Shotgun Scabbard.  They cost around $40 and attach nicely to Alice Packs and other similar bags.  I bought a Voodoo Tactical Shotgun Scabbard off Amazon.com as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend and it’s perfect, plus super cool looking.

The thing I like least about these firearms is their round capacity.  They hold on average  5 – 8 rounds at a time and are tricky to reload so I would not use one of these as my primary weapon.  But it’s ok, procuring of these beauties is easy.  You can buy used models for around $100 and brand spankin new ones for around $350.

As always, do your own research and be careful when buying online from a private individual.

So, how does the Riot Shotgun rate?

  • Ease of use = 7
  • Accuracy = 9
  • Size & Weight = 8
  • Reliability = 7
  • Ammo Availability = 10
  • Fire Power = 9
  • Cost (for pre-apocalypse procurement) = 10

Overall Score: 8.5

Added Bonus:  Feeling like a total badass bitch like Summer Glau up there.

  1. Teresea Griffith says:

    I have a 20 gauge mossburge. That’s my baby. I also have several bowie Knives, sugar cane machette, ww2 machette, and some other things I would not like to mention 0n here, But ladies buy your self a shot gun, if you can’t pull the trigger on a 9mm. or anything bigger, you can at least shoot from the hip with a shot gun..

  2. Vic says:

    Point to note, a riot shotgun has a pistol grip.
    To tell a story (and yes, I am full of them), I have tried one of these. Specifically a riot grip. it looks cool and watching Arnie wielding it with one hand is impressive. real life on the other hand is not as pretty.
    I learned the curve on this gun with the help of a few friends. one who mistakenly pulled the gun up to sight along the barrel at a moving target, and ended up with a split lip. another who didn’t hold on tight enough to one grip and ended up with a bruise that made her look like she should have hit back.
    The point to this is, while a riot grip is good for hip shooting, you need practice with it to be good.
    If you want to get better with a shotgun, I recommend one with a stock rather then a pistol grip. it allows you to aim it. On the other hand if you want to spend some cash and add a pretty sight, get a laser. Yes, you read that right. a laser on a shotgun. got out and make sure it is sighted in for center mass, and now you can accurately shoot from the hip. with practice you can rip through the full magazine on it in under 4 seconds and lay waste to a 30 degree arc all around you shredding everything in the path of those deadly little pellets. You can always go the cheap route and use a flash light as well. putting tape on the edges and sighting it the same way will give you a spotlight for the target in low light. and I think most of the time, given how I suspect zombies might hunt, low light shooting would become the norm (example being in 28 days later).
    As one more point on shotguns, there is a pistol out there that takes 410 shells. it is not as big as a 12 gauge, but if you have a revolver that shoots something about the same as a 45 mag, I doubt if what you hit is going to argue on the size. more likely it will be twitching on the ground, if it is still moving at all. I cannot recall the name brand right now, but I have seen them at shows, and have wanted one for a while. I have simply been after other things most times I have seen them.
    Last note, if you use a double barrel, look into cut shells. I have seen video of them, how they were made, and what it does for the shell and range of the shotgun. it was come up with for improving the range of the shotguns for shore defense in Britain in WW 2.

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