Rule #5: Go With Your Gut

Posted: January 6, 2012 in The Rules
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Rule #5: Go With Your Gut.  If someone’s going to get you killed, it might as well be you.

I hope to God that when the Zombie Apocalypse begins I’m not alone.  That said, I also hope I don’t end up with a bunch of idiots.

If you’re in a group scenario and someone comes up with a plan that you don’t feel good about, SPEAK UP!  Now I’ve never been one to go along with something that didn’t sit right with me but peer pressure is a bitch and during a stressful situation, such as a zombie apocalypse, it can be easy to second guess yourself and go with the group.  DON’T.  Unless you’re the idiot and they’re the smart ones.  Then do what they say.

Everyone is going to be playing this game off pure instinct and what we know from the movies.  Now, military might have a slightly higher advantage, but even they will have a hard time wrapping their brains around what’s going on.  So, don’t trust Mr. I’m Going to Take Charge Now Because I’ve Played Every Zombie Video Game In Existence; he doesn’t know shit, and his name is too long.  He has no idea if the old warehouse is fortifiable or if there are twenty zombies on the upper floor just waiting for some yummy looking man flesh to happen by.  If your gut is telling you stay as far away as possible from that warehouse, do it.  Chances are, others in your group feel the same way and you might just save more than your own ass.

Now is not the time to play the damsel in distress!  She never makes it past the first act.  You know who does?  The girl most if us aspire to be.  The Badass Bitch.  Not the bitchy bitch who no one likes, but the girl who pays attention, stays calm, uses her head, and picks up the rifle and starts shooting when shit goes down.

Now, I recognize that yours and my survival is gauged by sheer chance and that most of us are probably going to end up as steak tar tar for a rotting corpse, but I’m going to be damned if I do so because of someone else’s stupid mistake.

If anyone’s going to get me killed it’s going to be me.

Zombie Attack by Anarkyman found on

  1. ranting&ravingallthewaytothekitchen says:

    loving this more and more!!
    i’d like to hear your thoughts on people who are bitten in your group. should be a no-brainer right? instant head shot from whoever’s fastest with a gun, or just do it yourself {if you’re the one bitten}.
    in the movies it always seems that there’s one idiot who gets bitten and hides it. WTF man?!

  2. Interesting Topic…I definitely foresee a post on this. And thanks for the compliment, we thrive off of positive reinforcement ; )

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