Rule # 3 Ditch the Heels

Posted: December 23, 2011 in The Rules

NOT the shoes to wear when running from zombies

C’mon, they may make our legs look awesome but what’s worse: fat calves or no calves at all because a freakin zombie chewed them off?

So Girl Rule # 3 has to be: Ditch the heels in the event of a zombie apocalypse

We’ve all seen her: the super badass, leather clad, high heel wearing über babe who can kick a guy three times her size ass without blinking but….SHE DOESN’T EXIST!  You do though.  And while the shoes to the left look super fun, you’ll only break your ankle and be the first of many to die a horrible death.

You know what shoes look super cool and won’t get you killed?  Combat Boots.  The bitch (hehe) of it is, it’s hard to find REAL womens combat boots.  Go ahead and search “womens combat boot” and see what comes up.  A bunch of BS like the high heeled sneakers to the left and you’ll have to spend some time riffling through the BS to find an actual pair of durable high quality boots.  Another option is to figure out your size in mens and buy a pair that feel good.  Be careful though, as mens shoes are made for mens feet as womens are for womens.

Why boots and not running shoes?  Boots are built to last, offer more ankle support than running shoes, and are  weatherproof.  Look at what the military uses; THAT’S the kind of boot you need to invest in.  Pop some comfy inserts in, spend a few extra bucks on some pink laces, and you’ll have yourself the most versatile pair of foot coverings ever that you’ll be able to run, walk, climb, and kick some serious ass in!

Do yourself a favor and when you can afford it get two pairs of boots and break those bad boys in.  Don’t buy them and forget about them because guess what? Blisters suck! So where them often and get them nice and worn in.  The last thing you’ll want to be dealing with (other than the ravenous zombies of course) are nasty, painful, prone to infection blisters.

Why 2?  One for your car and one for home.  If you can only afford one pair, keep them in your car.  When fantasizing about the zombie apocalypse we often picture ourselves hanging out at home, listening to the horrific news reports of the first zombie attacks roll in while we clean and load our rifles while shaking out heads and muttering “I knew it’d happen sooner or later” but think about it…where do you spend most of your time?  If you answered “at home” then I hate you because I’m insanely jealous.


1. Buy Combat Boots

2. Break them in

3. Keep a pair in your car

4. Keep those gams intact

You’re welcome for the excuse to go ahead and buy another pair of shoes by the way.

  1. nicole says:

    NOT the shoes to where (wear) when running from zombies

  2. Julia says:

    Yes! I have a pair of (men’s) work/combat boots from the army surplus store that I’ve been wearing since I was in 11th grade. Still in great shape, and comfy, too.

  3. emily says:

    I have these by Wanted, got them from DSW. They are sadly not real leather, but have broken in nicely and under a pair of jeans, work with every outfit I wear regularly. I wear them every day so I’m ALWAYS ready to book it if I need to.

    They’re cute, though maybe not super fashionable, but they’re also subtle and don’t scream “I’m trying to be Tank Girl,” lol. They have a very slight heel for that added height but are super comfortable once they’ve been broken in. Hell, the first day I wore them, I got through three hours of walking through the zoo in the rain and I came out dry and my feet happy. I keep my hiking boots in the car for back up – if an emergency strikes and I need to haul ass, I’m ready!

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