The “Oh Shit” Plan….uh, Plans

Posted: December 3, 2011 in The Basics


I just had to club my neighbor’s fourteen year old son over the head with a baseball bat!  And not for peeking in the windows of the bathroom this time!  Oh God here comes his dad!  Oh crap, oh crap!  Same dead look.  Same dead eyes.  Same gaping wound on his neck!  Oh fuck it, I never liked that asshole anyways…THWAP!

Ok, so now what…

Everyone talks about the importance of having a plan in place in case of an emergency.  Why?  Because if the shit hits the fan you’re going to be screwed if you don’t have some sort of idea what to do next.

So where do we start?  Well girls, it’s time to put together an Oh Shit Plan…or two.

Why two?  Well chances are the first decision you’ll have to make in a never ending stream of life and death decisions is: Do I stay or do I go?

While some of you may now have The Clash stuck in your head, that’s not necessarily a bad thing because no matter what, things are going to get worse.  Sorry, but they are.  So, if you go there will be trouble, but if you stay there will be double (so sorry for that).

So which is it?  Do we trust Mick Jones and Joe Strummer and leave the safety of our homes or do we stay and defend what’s ours?  Well each situation is going to be different and too many factors are TBD so it’s best to have two plans of actions: Defending the Fort & Getting the Hell Out of Dodge.

So it’s time to get our shit together girls and come up with a plan for each.  Oh yeah, and did I mention we need an Oh Shit Bag?  Mmm, just thinking about that bag gives me goose bumps.  So many possibilities and only so much room…


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